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Update: 28.06.2010

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1 Update: 28.06.2010 on Mon Jun 27, 2011 3:39 am


[GA]BigSox gave us again an update for the maintenance tomorrow (Tuesday). The Server will be updated between 2 and 10am GMT (4.00-12.00 Uhr german time). That dont mean the Update will need so much time, just the exactly time isnt known. It will need 30 minutes until a hour like always, when there arent problems. The team will announce ingame for more info.


- Announce your wedding to all kingdoms from Wedding Planner NPC

- Heavenly Jade quest from Seon-Pyeong. Lets you choose a different reward for a Seong-Pyeong quest that you have already completed. This applies to level 92, 94 and 96 quests


- Ariyoung Evil Tooth Quest can now be completed.

- Nature Enchantments skill display.

- OX event working again.

- Altar of Power building boundaries reduced.

- 2 hour mounts not displaying required level.

Other minor tweaks

- Drop rate of Finger Bones increased.

- The amount of monsters spawning in Nation War round 2 is reduced to half.

- Level 90 Chaegirab quest now requires some different bosses. Click on your quest scroll to find out which ones.

- Clicking on Alchemist NPC will now show an explanation about ores and their purpose.

- Hundreds of small corrections in quest texts which could be confusing or misleading (example: Old Lady asking you for a Wedding Ring instead of Couple's Ring)

- Kingdom Betrayal Scroll can now be sold in shop and traded.

- Another possible bug fix for DT time bug is included, but as usual we need you to test on this as the bug can't be reproduced easily to be tested by the team beforehand.

- Death Reaper can still drop 65 weapons but they are +5 or +6 instead of +2 or +3. So the possible drops for Death Reaper Box are: any level 70 weapon +0; any level 75 weapon +0; any level 66 armor +1 or +2; level 65 weapons (2nd class) +5 or +6.

- You will not see the coordinates of the Metins in 4th floor anymore as this text is intended for debugging and you are supposed to find them yourself!

- The death limit of Nation War was doubled from 25 to 50 (most players seem not to be aware that there is a death limit - if you exceed this you will be kicked from NW so think well before heading for a sure death!)

- Changes in the level of Event mobs to allow higher level players to drop. The "Elite" / "Dark" / "Reborn" versions of bosses (which do not spawn regularly) are now are a few levels higher than their "normal" counterparts.

Something new is you can comment updates now in the update section.

You can find here: update section

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