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Update: 05.07.2010

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1 Update: 05.07.2010 on Tue Jul 05, 2011 4:19 am


Like always i let you know here some info abt the actually updates, [GA]BigSox posted in official forum.

Fishing update

For expert fishermen, there are 5 new fishes you can catch now:

- Striped Bass 12 INT
- Smelt 10% Chance to Poison
- Shiri 20% Strenght against monster
- Mirror Carp 20% Skill Speed
- Gold Crucian Carp 20% Skill Resistance

The duration of the effect is in all cases 10 minutes.
These fishes are rare and you need an upgraded rod to catch them.

Bug fixes

- Ore respawn time in Ice Mountain 1 & 2 adjusted.
- Fixed kick from game when changing character in DT.
- Blessing Marble & Perpetual Iron can be sold in private shop.
- Lion Sword - Magical Attack value fixed.
- Fixed damage rate in Dark Queen Spider, Elite Dark Leader, Elite Vile Demon King, Blue Death (was zero)
- We can confirm that the "Time Over" bug in Demon Tower is fixed since last week. This means that the DT event which we ran on Saturdays as a compensation for this bug, will be replaced with other events.

Minor tweaks

- You can now obtain Finger Bones as random prize in Expert Mission Book.
- Pig Nose removed from Expert Mission Book rewards.
- You can see Guild ranking at Guard NPC without being in a guild.
- Fire Signal sword and 2 hand resistance raised by 15% / Magic resistance lowered by 15%
- Dragon / Tiger accesories - Time reduced to 10 hours (This doesn't affect already existing accesories)
- Shoes of Wind - Time reduced to 20 hours (This doesn't affect already existing shoes)

We hope you enjoy the new developments and thank you for your continued support and feedback.

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