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Update: 01.06.2010

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1 Update: 01.06.2010 on Sat Jun 04, 2011 5:09 am


Added hunting quests level 61-80.

BigSox:We are aware that the Scorpion Men from Quest 61 are missing (they are supposed to be SD2 ones, but in our SD2 there are no scorpion men right now), in case you chose this quest you can ask a GM to rectify by choosing the other quest available (Bullfrog) for you.

Snake Archer in Spider Cave 2 now can drop Snake Tail+

Sushi event implemented.

New "Remove Polymorph" option in Old Lady, sets you back to normal when transformed. You dont need to die or wait if you wanna leave the Polymorph.

Fixed drop of Magic Metal in Heaven's Lair.

Corrected description of mounts.

Improved quest rewards for Uriel page quest (other quests will be improved later).

Text corrections in Nation War event. Number of kills raised to 500.

New boss : Ghost Tree Lord (Red Wood) and new item Ghost Tree Lord Box.

Klick on the Image.

Ghost Tree Lord can be found at the deepest end of Red Wood Forest. Re-spawn rate is similar to Flame King. Although hard to kill due to fast recovery of health, with decent PvM equipment, level and skill, the Ghost Tree Lord is no match to challenge your supremacy.

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