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Update: 15.08.2011

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1 Update: 15.08.2011 on Sun Aug 14, 2011 1:45 pm


How it was announced at the moment is the update like every monday. I will list here the content of it.


- new lvl 80 helmets (+0 50HP - +9 1500HP, max 99 AC and you can get them in HL or flame field)

- KungFu Robes for events without fights (sumo, football fiesta; you just can get them from gm in any of those events)

- new installer (you don't need to wait 2h to download the game now)

Minor Tweaks

- heal skill effect has been powered up around 20-30% depending on your skill level and INT

- 19 new golem respawns added in Heaven's Lair 1

- 10h & 60h exp rings are tradable now

Source: official forums

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