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Dev plan - Quartal 3 2011

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1 Dev plan - Quartal 3 2011 on Sun Aug 07, 2011 3:59 am


The Development Team around decided to change the way to upgrade like some of you now. Since now they will theme related Packages as Expansion Packs.

Item Mall Update

Release date: 1st half of August


- new item mall page with improved functionality

- ingame access to item mall site through options menu.

- "item mall safebox" button in your inventory

- new items available in mall

New Items are Animal Mounts (2 hour), Name Change Scroll, Wind Boots, Language Ring, Medal of Dragon God, Permanent Hairstyles.

Red Dragon's Lair

Release Date : August / early September


- new map: Red Dragon's Lair.

- new kingdom event, taking place in the mentioned map

- new items available

New items are Red Dragon's Blessing (Autopotion), available in small, medium, large and special flavours. The first three will be obtainable from quests or certain monsters, while the fourth -which adds HP regeneration- is only available through item mall.

Aqua Dragon

Release Date : late September


- new map: Aqua Dragon Room

- new NPC: Sura Ghost

- new monsters: Aqua Dragon, Heaven's General, Zin-Heaven's General

- new quest: Aqua Dragon Room

- new items available

New items are Blue Dragon's Blessing (Blue Autopotion), Aqua Dragon Scale, Aqua Dragon Claw, Symbol of Dragon God, Quartz Sand, Epic Armour, Epic Boots

Football Fiesta

Release Date: related on event


- New map: Football map

- New items available

New item is Kimono (costume for all classes) Football.

The Devil's Catacomb

Release Date: unknown


Still under development, this will be the first new "normal map" (not event map) added to the game after Heaven's Lair.

Source: official forum

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