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1 Guildhistory on Sat Apr 23, 2011 2:34 am


Centuries before our time. A evil and mysterious force from the deep of outer space should change the old world forever.

A gigantic empire, united and full of energy to indulge in the art of combat and the philosophy of Ying and Yang. By a royal couple, the Empire was led wisely and in harmony with nature. But one day the world was haunted by the evil and mysterious force. The earth trembled and everywhere meteorites fell from the sky.

Years later, after the debris removed and the world was built up again, we heard more stories of travelers from the animal world, which stood up to the people. An inner force of hatred and resentment inherent in them and they were always her often over small villages, until it finally to the gates of the great empire did not stop everything. Nor could the people to resist the beast and stop to evil, but evil did not stop to rest, sending more and more shoots of resentment and hatred.

Stones falling from the sky, which dismissed the scholars of the kingdom have been described as Metin. This changed everything around them and this could not be destroyed, so the evil stop spreading. During this time, were two sisters on a journey, who tried to escape to nature. But both knew that the time would prevail if they are not better in the art of killing.

The younger sister named Nejky was formed in the art of archery, to stop the animals from a distance. The older sister, which was called by the name Lillith, was able to combine the forces of nature, lightning spells and paralysis to fight against them.

But evil became more and more influence and so the people were eaten by envy and greed soon. The royal couple issued several edicts to get the riot under control. But the evil was already too far advanced and so their great empire split into three parts.

The two sisters finally arrived the protective walls were once again provide on its own. Thousands of people, including many warriors, were ready, to kill eachother, so first guilds borned, which should protect each other before the greed. And so the sisters also founded their own communities to coexist with other fighters against the evil of the world: Piranhas!

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